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Andy Jones (owner driver, Tilbury, Essex)

Testimonials from participating drivers will be the most powerful form of persuasion you will find to get other drivers to join in.

A first-hand account of how it feels to participate in such a historic event, and for such a great cause, will do more than anything else to encourage other drivers to think of this as the kind of thing they could, and should, do. 

Elaine Garden (owner driver, West Drayton, Middlesex)

We'll need pictures of a few drivers from past years and this year to seed this page (they can send in phone snaps) and we'll get group shots of every cab and their passengers on the day to use next year.

The photos will be mailed to each driver so they can send the pics out to their friends and family around the #maldoncabrun hashtag, helping to build the event and spread interest. We'll also make them available to the local press. (I'll prepare a release/refusal form for all cabs and passengers to sign.)

Paul Chambers (owner driver, Surbiton, Surrey)

There's no reason why the national press shouldn't get involved in this as well. I can prep press releases and packs and run the PR side if required, just let me know what you need done. I'm sure the LTDA and Transport for London can be roped in to add their weight to the promotion.

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